Levels of Access

smartURL makes it easy to collaborate with others. The easiest way to grant access is by using email addresses.

There are 3 levels of access available to users. Manage is the highest and default level granted to the creator of the smartURL. When setting up the smartURL, the creator can grant access to additional users and set their access levels to Manage or Read-Only. Access can be granted or removed by users with Manage access at any time.

  1. Manage – User has access to manage all available features and settings of the smartURL, including:
    • Edit/add destination URLs
    • Edit description
    • Change smartURL type
    • Manage folders
    • Access stats page
    • Add other users and manage their access levels
    • Add retargeting pixels (Enterprise only)
    • Enable/disable private stats (Enterprise only)
    • Enable/disable Google Analytics (Enterprise only)
    • Select Enterprise Account (Enterprise only)
    • Enable/disable affiliate tagging (Enterprise only)
  2. Read-Only – User cannot access the Edit smartURL page. Available features include:
    • Access to stats page