Google Analytics URL builder

Add customized Google Analytics tagging to your smartURL in just a few simple steps.

Now that you’ve integrated Google Analytics into your smartURL, you’re going to want to tag the URL with the proper GA tags in order to track all of the data flowing into Google Analytics. smartURL provides a specific Google Analytics URL builder to make this process fast and easy.


Each section of the URL builder is specifically labeled to help guide you through creating the right tags to label the data you’re looking to track.

Campaign Source

For ‘Campaign Source’ enter where/what platform this URL will be sent out on (the referrer). Where will the users who are clicking on this be coming from? i.e. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Email Marketing, etc.

Campaign Medium

Think of this as the “second layer” behind ‘Campaign Source’. Within the source this URL is being displayed in, what specific ad type is it being served in? Is the traffic coming from organic efforts or paid ads?

Campaign Name

This part of the URL tagging is more helpful for your own organizational purposes. When using this tag, think of the broader scope in which this smartURL is being used. What campaign is it being used in? If it’s a large scale campaign, when is it being used?