Pro Tips

Reading the Stats Page

smartURL provides a lot of useful data that analyzes how users are interacting with your URL.

The smartURL Stats page allows you to look at data within certain time ranges, see which countries users are clicking from, the domains referring these users, the devices they are clicking from and any IQid tagging you may have included with your smartURL.

At the very top of the page, you can set specific date ranges or choose from pre-selected date-ranges to view your smartURL data. These changes will reflect the rest of the data shown on the page.

The line graph below measures clicks per day over your selected time range:


The Countries section shows the countries from which users are clicking:

  • The Referring Domains section displays the websites users were visiting when clicking your smartURL
  • The Destination Domains section shows the websites users were taken to AFTER clicking your smartURL
  • The Devices chart shows the devices users were on while clicking your smartURL
  • If you included IQID tagging, your data by tag will display below