Country Override

How to remove the Geo-location functionality upon click of a smartURL and drive all traffic to one destination.

Although most of the time when creating a smartURL, you will want to use the full geo-location functionality, occasionally, you may want all users to go to one unique location. For instance if you have a Facebook post and you want all traffic to go to the French destination within your smartURL.

By using the Country Override tool (also known as “iqcountry=”) – you can add a parameter to the smartURL, similar to IQid, which directs all traffic when clicked on to the landing page of the country you have chosen. As opposed to creating a new smartURL with only one destination, you can append the same smartURL being used elsewhere. You can also use the optional IQid field to combine Country Override with IQid.

This tool can be accessed after saving a new smartURL, or by editing an existing smartURL. All you have to do is enter the country you’d like to use as the override, and copy the link that is provided.