Pivot smartURL

Pivot smartURL renders a landing page where users can choose to be taken to their preferred music service. This landing page can be customized with links to any retail or streaming providers, including retailers specific to companies or countries. The landing page can also feature a product image, YouTube video player or Spotify audio player, and custom branding.

Users can check off “Always Send Me To This Retailer” so that they are taken directly to their preferred platform the next time they click a Pivot smartURL. If their preference is not available for a certain smartURL, they will be taken to the landing page.

Currently the Pivot smartURL landing page automatically scans and configures links for iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon. An iTunes link should be used as the default URL in order for the other music services to auto-fill. Additional links can easily be added manually. Pivot smartURL is device and geo-aware, so it will automatically hide any services that are unavailable on a specific device or in a specific country.

Pivot smartURL features in-link retargeting, including Google Dynamic Retargeting. When creating a Pivot smartURL with an iTunes Product URL, a placeholder parameter for “retailer” with a value of “{retailer}” will automatically be added to Google Dynamic Retargeting, in addition to parameters for artist, album, genre, and release date. The retailer value will fill in once the user clicks an outbound link.