Scheduled Re-Scans

Back in the days before the Global Release Day (B.G.R.D.?), we loved being able to use the scheduled re-scan tool in order to make sure that no matter where in the world you were clicking from, you could be taken through to your favorite Beyoncé album the EXACT DAY it became available in your country.

Now with a synchronized Global Release Day, we don’t have to worry so much about certain albums and songs releasing on different days in different countries. However, we can still use that handy scheduled re-scan tool to our advantage.

With any iTunes URL for a product that isn’t live yet, you can still make a smartURL with your destination URL, and schedule a re-scan so that all other country destinations will go live as soon as your product goes live! To do this, hit the orange “Schedule Re-Scan” icon, and from there you can select the exact date and time you want to re-scan your URL. This is also editable, so if your release is pushed back, you can also push back your re-scan.