Google Analytics Integration

Add Google Analytics to any smartURL to harness the power of GA within your smartURL traffic.

All enterprise smartURL users are able to add Google Analytics to their smartURLs.  By adding a Google Analytics account, you are able to see the performance of your links in real-time and at a very granular level.  For example, Google Analytics will let you see which cities are clicking to buy an album or watch a new video.


1. Pull UA number from Google Analytics account (Administration > Property Settings)


2. Put UA number in smartURL (Under Stats section)


3. Name Page in smartURL (Under the Interim Page Information section)




Use Display Features: Display Features are an advanced set of tools that can be utilized within Google Analytics, such as deeper retargeting and segmentation. https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/3450482

Enable Cross Domain Tracking: Use this when driving to a website you control. This will allow you to see referring traffic and where the click is coming from, before it passes through smartURL. NOTE You will need to add smarturl.it to the list of excluded referrers inside your Google Analytics account.