IQid allows you to append tags to the end of your smartURLs to provide insight into the different traffic sources.  The IQid builder lets you easily append parameters for the site where the smartURL is being placed (e.g. YouTube) and the specific tactic being used (e.g. artist bio).

How to add an IQid tag to a smartURL

Upon saving a newly created smartURL you’ll automatically be directed to the IQid URL builder.  If you’re looking to add an IQid tag to an existing smartURL you can navigate through the header when on the edit smartURL page.

From the IQid URL Builder you can type in anything you’d like for site and tactic to better measure your traffic sources.  If you’d like your IQid to be passed as a different parameter, enter that parameter into the Pass IQid as field.  Otherwise you can leave it blank.  As you enter your sites and tactics, you’ll see the IQid-tagged smartURL build below.  Click on the copy icon once you’re done and paste where you need to use it!

To make life easier you’ll find a few IQid-tags automatically applied to your smartURL under the Share this Link section on the same page.