Custom Domains

What are Custom Domains?

Have you ever wanted all the benefits of smartURL but would prefer to use your own domain instead of http://smartURL.it/? Custom domains work just like smartURLs but are wrapped in any link you want.

For example, Gupta Media uses http://trunc.co/
(Get it? We really like elephants.)

Why are Custom Domains great?

Custom domains are not necessary, but they can help to reinforce your brand.

How do I reserve a Custom Domain?

In order to use custom domains via smartURL, you will need to be on an Enterprise plan, and you will need to own the domain. We recommend using a domain that you’ve reserved for link redirection, and only link redirection. Once you’ve selected your domain, contact our Engineering team at help@smartURL.it

How do I use Custom Domains?

Once you’ve selected your domain and your company’s smartURL Enterprise account has been whitelisted to use custom domains, selecting which domain you want to use is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Log into smartURL.it and click “Create smartURL”
  2. Scroll down to the “Organize” section and select your custom domain.
  3. Choose your custom alias to go with your custom domain and click “Save.”

You can then use your custom smartURL and view reporting just as you would use a standard smartURL.