Referring Domains Stats

For all smartURL types, you’ll see a section within your smartURL stats page called Referring Domains. This section tells you what sites users were on when they clicked your smartURL.

In certain circumstances, smartURL will not be able to pull info on the referring domain. In these cases, the click would fall under “unknown” in the Referring Domains stats. This could happen if a smartURL was clicked from:

  • An email, text or instant message
  • Certain mobile apps
  • A secure webpage (one that starts with https)
  • A browser with Do Not Track configured
  • A VPN, proxy, or firewall that strips referrer information for security purposes

If you’d like to track where users are clicking from by adding your own tracking parameters to your smartURL, check out this post on how to use IQid.

If you’d like more detailed information on where users are clicking from, check out this post on how to get Google Analytics data for your smartURL clicks.