In-Link Retargeting

Enterprise-level smartURL features in-link retargeting, which allows you to “cookie” visitors as they pass through a smartURL. You can then target these users who have clicked on your smartURLs in your online advertising campaigns. In-link retargeting is effective because it allows you to reach users who have shown previous interest or purchase intent for your artist or product.

How it works

Within your smartURL, you can insert your retargeting pixel by pasting it in the Retargeting section under Pixel URL. You can easily place multiple retargeting pixels within the same smartURL by clicking the “+” button to add an additional pixel.

Using in-link retargeting is especially helpful when you’re driving traffic to a landing page that you don’t control, such as iTunes or Amazon. Since you don’t have access to “cookie” users on the landing page in these cases, using a smartURL with in-link retargeting allows you to build a list of users who have visited the page.

For example, say your artist just released a new single on iTunes. You can create a smartURL for the single with in-link retargeting and you can use that smartURL across social platforms, email, etc. in order to drive people to iTunes. By doing this, cookies will be placed on users who click on the smartURL, creating a qualified list of users who have shown purchase intent for your artist. You can then target users on this list in online advertising campaigns for future releases, directing your campaigns toward consumers who are interested in purchasing your artist’s music.